Police Chief to Hall Family: Delay in Progress Update Attributed to Waiting on Crime Lab. Next day- Crime Lab Receives Evidence. 40 days after police collected it

12:00 PM

18 years ago today, Cleashindra Hall vanished.  She was last seen at the home of Dr. Larry Amos in Pine Bluff, AR with whom she worked for after school.  

40 days ago police executed their first ever search warrant on the Amos property.  Evidence collected was unfortunately sent to the crime lab... yesterday. 

Evidence collected at a raid of his home- 40 days ago- was only sent to the crime lab yesterday.

On March 29, 2012- the Pine Bluff Police Department executed a search warrant at the home of Dr. Larry Amos.

While attending a city counsel meeting, Laurell Hall asked the Pine Bluff Police Chief Brenda Davis-Jones for an update on the investigation.

Davis-Jones replied: “We call the crime lab once a week,"... "Once they come back, we will be happy to come back and give you the results of the report.”

According to the AR State Crime Lab- while Chief Davis-Jones was making those statements- they were not yet in possession of any evidence.  The Hall's learned today that the evidence did not make it to the crime lab until yesterday, May 8th.  

A spokesperson for the police department said that chief just assumed the evidence had been sent. "There's some miscommunication and we're checking into it at this time,” said Captain Greg Shapiro.

The Hall Family is outraged. "What kind of chief is that that doesn't know, she's assuming. You know what happens when you assume," Hall said. "They're not making asses out of the Hall’s anymore.” Hall said up until this point, she trusted Chief Davis Jones, but has now lost all faith in the department to ever solve this case.

"Because I went to the city Council meeting on Monday, now the evidence goes to the crime lab on Tuesday?" Hall said. "C'mon."

The Halls are seeking outside help, to bring closure and justice for her daughter. “There's some type of cover up going on and I'm not going to have my daughter's life be the cost."

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