PBPD is conducting an internal investigation to determine why evidence was submitted 40 days after search

2:00 PM

According to the Pine Bluff Police Department, an internal investigation is under way in order to determine the reason why evidence gathered from the search of Dr. Larry Amos' home- on March 29, 2012...was not sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab until 40 days after the search. The search was in connection with the 1994 disappearance of 18-year-old Cleashindra Hall. KATV Channel 7 News reports that Hall's family thought the evidence was awaiting analysis at the State Crime Laboratory.  However, Hall's mother says, the evidence has been sitting at the Pine Bluff Police Department until this week.Pine Bluff Police Department spokeswoman says an investigation into the delay is under way. 
Calls were made to Pine Bluff Police Chief Brenda Davis-Jones for comment- however, she did not respond. 

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