Cleashindra Hall Vanished on May 19, 1994 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

2:30 PM

In May of 1994, just nine days before she was 
to graduate high school Cleashindra Hall disappeared. 

She had just turned 18 and was working part time after school to save money for college. She was headed to Tennessee State University on scholarship and dreamed of becoming a pediatrician.

Ambitious plans for a girl who police originally assumed had simply ran away.

On May 9, 1994 between 5 and 5:30 pm Laurell Hall dropped her daughter off at work.  She did clerical work for a 'non-profit' organization run by Dr. Larry Amos (he is not a medical doctor of any kind).

Larry Amos was the last reported person to see Cleashindra.

His office was in an upstairs room above the garage of Amos' home. 

Before exiting her mother's vehicle, Cleashindra and her mother agreed Cle'a would call home when she was finished and her mother would drive over and pick her up.  The Halls only lived a half mile away.  She did call around 8 pm for an unrelated reason, but wasn't ready to leave just yet.

Laurell fell asleep a little before 10 pm.  Her husband came home from work around 1 AM. Clea wasn't there and hadn't phoned for a ride.

They called Larry Amos who said Cleashindra signed out at 8:30 p.m. He did not see her leave but heard her exiting the garage and getting into a vehicle.  

Police would later question and polygraph a male friend of Cleashindra's.  The polygraph results were inconclusive. 

Nearly a week later, investigators finally visited the Amos residence and looked around. They did not have a warrant so it was not an extensive search.  After a brief time, Amos made them leave.

It would be nearly 18 years before police obtained a warrant to search the property.

According to Cleashindra's father, Willie Hall, Larry Amos was exhibiting strange behavior after his daughters disappearance.  For instance, he saw Amos removing Cleashiadra's MISSING flyers that had been posted around the neighborhood.  

March 29, 2012

Based on statements from two different individuals who once did construction work for Amos at his home- police were finally able to obtain and execute a warrant to search the property.

Investigators left the scene with bags of seized evidence to send to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for testing.

Friends and family were encouraged by the developments and anxiously awaited the results from the crime lab.  After a month or so,  with no word from the lab, Laurell Hall attended a Pine Bluff City Council to address the chief of police and ask for an update on the investigation.  The Chief, Brenda Davis-Jones told Hall that they were waiting on results to come back from the crime lab.  They called the lab each week and as soon as the results were in, they would inform the family.

However, the following day, officials at the Arkansas State Crime Lab released a statement saying they had not received any of the evidence obtained during the search. In a subsequent internal investigation, a PBPD crime scene technician admitted she forgot to submit the evidence.  She was suspended for a week without pay. 

During this time, Police Chief Davis-Jones also re-assigned the lead detective for unrelated reasons.  Many local residents classify them as "petty" reasons.

It has now been 23
 years since Cleashindra Hall vanished.  

If you have ANY information regarding the possible whereabouts of Cleashindra Hall...please contact Detective Lt Terry Hopson at the Pine Bluff Police 

Department. 870-730-2090 (detective division) 

All calls will be kept confidential.
Other ways to communicate:
Dispatch Center at 870-541-5300. 
Twitter — @pbpolicedept
Instagram — @pbpolicedept
NO memory is insignificant. 

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